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AS/NZS 1554.2:2003 Standards


Australian/New Zealand Standard
Structural steel welding

Part 2: Stud welding (steel studs to steel)

What does the Standard talk about?

This Standard prescribes requirements for the stud welding of steel studs to steel elements, such steel studs being used for the attachment of members and connection devices to concrete (as concrete anchors and as shear connectors in composite steel/concrete construction), and for the fastening of other members and appurtenances. It also applies to the stud welding of steel studs through light-gauge steel sheet either coated or not coated and includes requirements for the stud material, the parent material, the qualification of stud bases, stud welding procedure and operators, and the workmanship and testing of the finished welds.

  • Section 1 Scope and General
  • Section 2 Materials of Construction
  • Section 3 Stud Application Qualification
  • Section 4 Procedural Control
  • Section 5 Production Technique and Workmanship
  • Section 6 Testing of Finished Welds
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AS/NZS 1554.2:2003


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