11 05, 2017

Comparison of shear connector for main standards

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Comparison of shear connector for main standards Q1: How many standards for shear connector do you know? A: There are many standards for shear connectors: BS EN ISO13918:2008, ASW D1.1:2010, AS/NZS 1554.2:2003, JIS B 1198:2011, BS5400-6, BS5950, GB/T 10433:2002, etc. ISO13918, AWS D1.1, BS5950 are most popular by the customers.   Q2: What

21 02, 2017

Fully threaded studs

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Fully Threaded Studs Fully threaded studs(also called full threaded studs) are one of the two most common studs. The threads on a Fully Threaded Studs run the full length of the fastener (hence called fully threaded). This simplifies many mating part concerns and is a favorite of engineering. Also, a Pitch Diameter

4 12, 2016

Deformed bar anchor

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Deformed bar anchor Deformed bar anchor (also called deform bar stud), the guy from Vietnam calls it DBA, we received inquiries about DBA from Vietnam recently, but they are for the same project, whose investors include Japanese guys, they don’t like Chinese suppliers, only want to source DBA from Japanese suppliers, however the price

16 11, 2016

How to Source Shear Connector Singapore?

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Source Shear Connector Singapore Source Shear Connector Singapore (officially the Republic of Singapore), also called Lion City, the Garden City, or the Red Dot, which is located in 1°17′N 103°50′E, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Globally,

14 10, 2016

Nelson studs or other studs for your project?

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Nelson Stud Nelson stud is a company or one of shear stud? Most guys regard it is only a symbol of shear stud, today we want to know nelson stud. There are about 409,000,000 results (1.20 seconds) when you search “nelson” on Google. There are about 294,000,000 results (0.73 seconds) when you search

13 10, 2016

Weld Studs | Threaded Stud with Shaft Reduced |Sino Stone

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Weld Studs Weld Studs, also known as “drawn arc welding stud”, are usually joined with another piece of metal together by heating both parts with an arc. The welding studs are usually joined to a flat plate by using the stud as one of the electrodes. The polarity used in stud welding

28 09, 2016

How to test mechanical properties of shear stud?

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How to test mechanical properties of shear stud? Metals used in fastener(shear stud, bolt, etc) manufacture are elastic materials which will stretch (elongate) under applied loads and return to their original shape when the load is removed. However, if sufficient load is applied, the material will stretch beyond its yield point and enter a

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