May 2018

How to choose drawn arc stud welding machine in China?

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The drawn arc stud welder is  designed for high-speed welding stud or similar bolt-on base plate, which is widely used in the steel construction building, bridge, boiler, shipbuilding, locomotive, smelting engineering, electric power build, chemical industry, oil field build, etc. Recently more and more clients

March 2018

How to operate L/C in shear studs trading?

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In our real business transactions, there are too many guys want to use the letter of credit(LOC) payment terms, especially the clients from Bangladesh, required by their government, but the suppliers in China don't accept this payment terms, so they lose many chances. This post will interpret the process flow of letter of credit

ISO14555: Welding — Arc stud welding of metallic materials

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ISO14555: Welding — Arc stud welding of metallic materials Brief Introduction The purpose of arc stud welding is to weld predominantly pin-shaped metal parts to metal workpieces. In ISO14555 International Standard, it is referred to simply as stud welding. Amongst other things, stud welding is used in bridge building (especially in composite structures),

February 2018

How to measure the ductility of shear stud?

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Ductility of shear stud Recently one of our Indian clients asked the question about the reduction of area of shear stud, and he only knows the elongation of shear stud, the two parameters belong to the ductility of shear stud. This post will talk this topic. The shear studs(also called shear connectors) are

How to prevent magnetic arc blow

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Magnetic arc blow One of our Singapore clients gave us feedback about the welding problems when they used the Nelweld 6000 to weld our shear studs. "Your studs are OK, the ceramic ferrules are also OK, and we weld as per Nelweld's settings, why does this happen?" 

January 2018

AWSD1.1 Type B for Shear Connector | Sino Stone

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AWSD1.1 Type B At the manufacturer’s option, mechanical properties of shear studs shall be determined by testing either the steel after cold finishing or the full diameter finished studs. In either case, the studs shall conform to the standard properties shown in the following table. AWSD1.1 Type A: Tensile Strength: 61,000psi(min) /

Shear studs welding machine price

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Shear Studs Welding Machine Price When you google "Shear studs welding machine price" in, it will show about 352,000 results (0.73 seconds) , there are four advertisements, please see them as follows: From the advertisements, you can find two German companies(Taylor and Koco) and two USA ones(Advanced and Cutlass). You can't find

September 2017

Stud Welding Machine Prices India

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Stud Welding Machine Prices India When you search "Stud Welding Machine Prices India" in, it will show about 421,000 results(0.93 seconds), Koco from Germany is in the first advertisement place. Top 3 normal search place is held by the B2B platform Indiamart, which is similar as Alibaba in China,  that is to

July 2017

May 2017

Comparison of shear connector for main standards

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Comparison of shear connector for main standards Q1: How many standards for shear connector do you know? A: There are many standards for shear connectors: BS EN ISO13918:2008, ASW D1.1:2010, AS/NZS 1554.2:2003, JIS B 1198:2011, BS5400-6, BS5950, GB/T 10433:2002, etc. ISO13918, AWS D1.1, BS5950 are most popular by the customers.   Q2: What

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