Comparison of shear connector for main standards

Q1: How many standards for shear connector do you know?

A: There are many standards for shear connectors: BS EN ISO13918:2008, ASW D1.1:2010, AS/NZS 1554.2:2003, JIS B 1198:2011, BS5400-6, BS5950, GB/T 10433:2002, etc. ISO13918, AWS D1.1, BS5950 are most popular by the customers.


Q2: What differences for those standards?

A: The main differences for those standards are mechanical properties. Please see the following table:

Mechanical Properties between different standards
Standard nameTensile strength(ReH)Yield point(Rm)Elongation(A5)
BS EN ISO13918:2008≥450Mpa≥350Mpa≥15%
ASW D1.1:2010 Type B≥450Mpa≥350Mpa≥15% in 5x dia.
≥20% in 2 in.
AS/NZS 1554.2:2003≥410Mpa≥345Mpa≥12%
JIS B 1198:2011400~550Mpa≥235Mpa≥20% (in 2ch.)
GB/T 10433:2002≥400Mpa≥320Mpa≥14%
Sino Stone's shear connector can be produced as per your requirement.


Q3: Any other differences?

A: Yes, the dimensions of those standards are also different. Taking shear connector M19*100mm for example,

Body diameter(mm)Forehead diameter(mm)Head thickness(mm)Total length(mm)
AWS D1.119(+0/-0.38)31.7+/-0.49.5100+/-1.6
AS/NZS 155419(+0/-0.38)31.7+/-0.49.5100+/-1.6

Drawing of shear connector

Q4: What standards do Sino Stone can provide?

A: Sino Stone can provide the shear connector with ISO13918, AWS D1.1, AS/NZS10544, BS5950, GB/T10433, JIS B 1198, etc.

Q5: Do Sino Stone produce as per customer’s drawing?

A: Sure, we can make the mold as per customer’s drawing firstly, then producing shear connector for testing.