The drawn arc stud welder is  designed for high-speed welding stud or similar bolt-on base plate, which is widely used in the steel construction building, bridge, boiler, shipbuilding, locomotive, smelting engineering, electric power build, chemical industry, oil field build, etc.

Stud welding machine india
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Recently more and more clients send emails or call us directly to purchase drawn arc stud welding machine for their business. Please see what they are saying:

Chris from Singapore, “We ever bought from Alibaba, the seller showed us beautiful images, plenty of cases and also lower price, so we tried to purchase one set. But they don’t use when we receive it, it is really bad taste on buying from China!”

James from the UK, “The voltage of the machine is not suitable for our local industry, and the seller disappeared when we send email, I’m very angry!”

Cristian from Chile,”We can’t find the suitable accessories after we encounter the problem, the seller sold us too expensive, ——”


This post will give you some useful tips when you purchase drawn arc stud welding machine from China.

Tip one

Confirm the voltage of the machine(3 phase, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz, or 220V, 50Hz/60Hz, etc.), it must match your local industry voltage. If you use the diesel generator, please confirm the power of the machine.

380V drawn stud welding machine