Full threaded studs

Size: M10*60mm

Raw Material: Mild steel

Original: Zhejiang, China

Delivery time: Around 15~20 days after deposit

Full Threaded Studs

Full Threaded studs are typically used in composite steel construction to tie the concrete to steel members and resist shear forces between the concrete slab and steel members. Plenty of steel construction(such as steel building, steel beam, steel bridges, etc.) uses full threaded studs widely.

There are two welding ways to connect full threaded studs and steel plate, one is welding directly, which need the normal ceramic ferrule with multi-teeth(about 18 teeth or 21 teeth), the other is welding through metal deck, for this option, it is recommended to use special ceramic ferrule thru-deck type(8 teeth).

Producing flow of shear connector