Fully Threaded Studs

Full threaded studs dia 19mm

Fully threaded studs(also called full threaded studs) are one of the two most common studs. The threads on a Fully Threaded Studs run the full length of the fastener (hence called fully threaded). This simplifies many mating part concerns and is a favorite of engineering. Also, a Pitch Diameter Stud requires that the mating part(s) cover the unthreaded portion of the fastener. Also, a Pitch Diameter Stud is marginally stronger in shear than a Fully Threaded Studs due to the slightly larger diameter in the shear area. Low carbon steel offers a high degree of corrosion resistance and is malleable. It is not as hard as strong as medium or high carbon steels.

These studs are often used in applications that entail high tension for flange bolting with two nuts applied. Use fully threaded studs to reinforce base structures or with electrical installations. Most thread studs are available with both right and left hand thread directions to comply with your application.

Stainless steel is made of iron and chromium and is resistant to rust and corrosion. It offers high tensile strength and can be used in several environments.

Fully threaded studs M10
Full threaded studs

Features of Fully Threaded Studs

  • Robust built
  • Simple to fit
  • High strength
  • Dimensional accuracy

Types of Fully Threaded Studss

Normally there are three types as per the raw material: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

Threaded stud materials include stainless steel and exotic materials. Stainless steel all thread studs provide strong tensile strength and are available in a variety of thread sizes and lengths. Stainless steel threaded studs are used most often due to their corrosion-resistance and great tolerance of high temperatures.

The continuously threaded studs Texthreadmanufactures and distributes are high quality and competitively priced. Texthreadalso furnishes stud bolts in a complete range of platings and coatings.

Features and Benefits Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is wear resistant, nonmagnetic and conductive. It is easier to form and machine than steel and is naturally noncorrosive.


Normally the full threaded studs are packaging by carton/wooden box.
Carton&Pallet: About 25kgs/carton, 48cartons/pallet