Inverter drawn arc stud welder SSI-2500-5

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Inverter Drawn Arc Stud Welder

Inverter Drawn Arc Stud Welder has been updated to the 5th generation in Sino Stone, which adopts soft switch technology, digital control,  and also with light weight and small size which is less than 70% than thyristor machine.

Inverter Drawn Arc Stud welder is widely used in many fields like steel structure, machine project, shipbuilding, bridge building, civil engineering, power station, burning system, petrifaction device, boiler and its full set equipment and decoration project.

Now we have three types for different diameter of shear connector: SSI-1600-5, SSI-2500-5, SSI-3150-5.

Parameter of Inverter Drawn Arc Stud weler
Net WeightKGs609098
Input PowerV/Hz3 phrase, 380(+/-15%) 50/603 phrase, 380(+/-15%) 50/603 phrase, 380(+/-15%) 50/60
Rated Input CapacityKVA73.5107145
Rated Input PowerKW6994126
Rated Input CurrentA112162.5220
Rated Input VoltageV323232
Power Factor-0.940.880.94
Welding Current Adjust RangeA160~1600250~2500315~3150
Welding Voltage Adjust RangeS0.01~9.990.01~9.990.01~9.99
Suited Stud Diametermm6~196~256~30
Suited Stud Lengthmm≤400≤400≤400
Welding ProductivityPcs/min16~2516~2516~25
Cooling Mode-Air CoolingAir CoolingAir Cooling
Insulation Grage-FFF
Ingress Protection-IP21SIP21SIP21S

Inverter welder is stable in welding performance and high qualified rate because of choosing the world top brands of components to confirm the machine quality.

Inverter welder can also be used for stainless steel stud welding.

Inverter Drawn Arc Stud Welder Connection Sketch

Packages for Inverter Drawn Arc Stud Welder

Normally the packaging is the wooden box.

Drawn Arc Stud Welder Packaging
Stud welding gun package
Stud chuck and ferrule holder
Ground cable package
Drawn Arc Stud Welder with Wooden Box
Drawn arc stud welder-after packaging

Basic Features

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