ISO14555: Welding — Arc stud welding of metallic materials

Brief Introduction

The purpose of arc stud welding is to weld predominantly pin-shaped metal parts to metal workpieces. In ISO14555 International Standard, it is referred to simply as stud welding. Amongst other things, stud welding is used in bridge building (especially in composite structures), steel structures, shipbuilding, facade-wall fabrication, vehicle manufacture, equipment design, steam-boiler construction, and the manufacture of household appliances.

The quality of a stud weld depends not only on strict compliance with the welding procedure specification but also on the correct function of the actuating mechanism (e.g. welding guns), and on the condition of the components, of the accessories and of the power supply.

The ISO14555 International Standard does not invalidate former specifications, providing the technical requirements are equivalent and satisfied.


This International Standard covers arc stud welding of metallic materials subject to static and dynamic loading. It specifies requirements that are particular to stud welding, in relation to welding knowledge, quality requirements, welding procedure specification, welding procedure qualification, qualification testing of operators and testing of production welds.

This International Standard is appropriate where it is necessary to demonstrate the capability of a manufacturer to produce welded construction of a specified quality.

NOTE: General quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials are given in ISO 3834-1, ISO 3834-2, ISO 3834-3, ISO 3834-4 and ISO 3834-5.

This International Standard has been prepared in a comprehensive manner, with a view to its being used as a reference in contracts. The requirements contained within it can be adopted in full, or partially, if certain requirements are not relevant to a particular construction (see Annex B).

Useful points for Shear stud 

  • Bend testing.

If you want to know more about bend testing, please see our former post: Bend testing shear stud(

  • Tensile testing.

By using a suitable tension device (see Figures 3, 4 or 5) the welded studs are pulled axially until fracture. The test only applies to studs by application ≤100℃.

Threaded stud tensile testing
Non-threaded stud tensile testing
Shear connector tensile testing a
Shear connector tensile testing b

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