PF ceramic ferrule(PF12)
PF Ceramic Ferrule(PF10)

Size of PF Ceramic Ferrule: PF6~PF24

Main Raw Material: Cordierite

Original: Jiangsu, China

Delivery time: Around 15~20 days after receiving deposit

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PF Ceramic Ferrule

PF ceramic ferrule is designed for threaded stud, there are 7 sizes for choice: PF6, PF8, PF10, PF12, PF16, PF20, PF24.

PF ceramic ferrule’s main raw material is cordierite. And by molding, making the green body, calcining, etc. It is widely used for magnetic force floating railway engineer, building the bridge, building the railway, large power plant, plane depot that needs wide span.

Parameter of Ceramic Ferrule
1Main Chemical Ingredient2MgO, 2Al2O3, 5SiO2
2Bulk Density2.5gm/cc
3Max Using Temperature1000℃
4Water Absorption0.1%
6Bending Strength900Kgf/cm2(20℃)
7Compressive Strength3500Kgf/cm2(20℃)
8Coefficient of Thermal Expansion≤2.0(1*10-6/℃)
9Dielectric Constant6(1MHz 25℃)
10Dielectric Strength10 ac-KV/mm(ac V/mil)
11Volume Resistivity>1012 ohm-cm(20℃)
12ColorWhite, light yellow, etc
PF Ceramic Ferrule(PF10-PF12)
PF Ceramic Ferrule welding display
PF ceramic ferrule
Dimensions of Ceramic Ferrules for Threaded Studs (PF)
Dimensions in milllimeters
FormCeramic ferrule Diameter7Ceramic ferrule d8Ceramic ferrule d9Ceramic ferrule height

Benefits of PF Ceramic Ferrule

  • Good concentricity and consistency
  • Excellent wear and heat resistance
  • High strength, endurability, and anti-aging performance
  • Extremely precise design as well as customized products


Why chooses Sino Stone?

Sino Stone choose quality cordierite and other raw material from famous company Sinopec Group and Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited with good mechanical properties and weld performance, which can ensure the stud welding’s results.

UF ceramic ferrule's raw material sourcing
UF ceramic ferrule raw material-SPC


Firstly, the ceramic ferrules are packaged in carton layer by layer.

Secondly, the cartons are loaded in pallet binding with plastic sheeting for repelling moisture.

Finally, the pallets are put in the container.

PF ceramic ferrule in plastic package
PF ceramic ferrule in carton
PF ceramic ferrule in pallet
PF Ceramic ferrule in wooden box
Ceramic ferrule for Singapore in truck
Ceramic ferrule in container

Sino Stone can also package according to the clients’ requirements.

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