Cordierite is the main component of Ceramic ferrule(we also call it cordierite ceramic ferrule), is extensively used in important industrial applications such as micro electronics, refractory products, heat exchanger for gas turbines, thermal shock-resistant table ware, catalyst supports, and porous ceramics.

Ceramic ferrule is important for stud welding, 1)helps to shield the arc from the operator, 2)minimizes the atmosphere that the flux must purge, 3)forms the molten metal into the fillet, 4)the fillet vents allow weld gases to escape.

Sino Stone choose low-expansion cordierite and other quality mixtures, and we also use higher temperature to burning the semi-product to confirm the final high quality to match the BS EN ISO13918:2008 standard(It can be used in all fields of the metal-working industry), so each ceramic ferrule from Sino Stone’s factory is much better than other factories.

Ceramic ferrule's producing factory
Ceramic ferrule's other material

This unique property of cordierite is caused by the negative lattice expansion in c-axis direction,which provides excellent resistance to thermal shock as well as low thermal conductivity.

Diameter D7 is essential for the weld quality; variations in the other dimensions do not impair the weld quality.