Stud welder, also called stud welding machine or stud welding equipment, which is normally classified into two types: drawn arc and capacitor discharge type.

  • Drawn Arc type is used for welding shear connector, arc stud(such as threaded stud, threaded stud with reduced shaft, unthreaded stud). They are divided into two kinds: thyristor and inverter one.
  • Capacitor discharge type(CD stud welder) is used for welding CD stud.

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Arc stud welding involves the same basic principles and metallurgical aspects as any other arc welding procedure, in that a controlled electric arc is used to melt the stud or electrode and a portion of the base metal. The stud is thrust automatically into the molten metal and a high quality fusion weld is accomplished where the weld is stronger than the stud itself. Stud welding is applicable to mild steel, stainless and aluminum.

Thyristor welder is widely used in the steel construction building, bridge, boiler, shipbuilding, locomotive, smelting engineering, electric power build, chemical industry, oil field build, etc.