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Size of RF Ceramic Ferrule: PF6~PF24

Main Raw Material: Cordierite

Original: Jiangsu, China

Delivery time: Around 15~20 days after receiving deposit


RF Ceramic Ferrule

RF ceramic ferrule  is designed for threaded stud with reduced shaft, there are also 7 sizes similar as PF ceramic ferrule for choice: RF6, RF8, RF10, RF12, RF16, RF20, RF24.

RF ceramic ferrule’s main raw material is cordierite. And by molding, making green body, calcining, etc. It is widely used for magnetic force floating railway engineer, building bridge, building railway, large power plant, plane depot that needs wide span.

RF ceramic ferrule drawing
Dimensions of Ceramic Ferrule for Threaded Studs with Reduced Shaft(RF)
Dimensions in milllimeters
FormRF ceramic ferrule D7Ceramic ferrule d8Ceramic ferrule d9Ceramic ferrule height
RF 66.29.512.210
RF 88.21215.39
RF 1010.21518.511.5
RF 1212.2172013
RF 1616.3/14 a20.5/26.2 a26.5/32.5 a15.3/8.8 a
RF 2020.3/17.5 a26.2/28.5 a3222/9 a
RF 2424.3/21 a26.2/30.4 b33/36 b25/13 a
a The dimensions after the oblique stroke shall apply if studs, according to values following the oblique stroke in RD stud table
b At the manufacturer's discretion


RF ceramic ferrule-RF12
RF ceramic ferrule for welding

Benefits of RF Ceramic Ferrule


  • Good concentricity and consistency
  • Excellent wear and heat resistance
  • High strength, endurability, and anti-aging performance
  • Extremely precise design as well as customized products