Shear connector Dia19mm
Head diameter of SC
Height of shear connector
Length of shear connector

Size: M19*115

Raw material: SWRCH18A

Original: Tianjin, China/Hebei, China

Delivery time: Around 15~20 days after receiving deposit

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Shear Connector

Shear connector(it is also named shear stud) are typically used in composite steel construction to tie the concrete to steel members and resist shear forces between the concrete slab and steel members. Plenty of steel construction(such as steel building, steel beam, steel bridges, etc.) uses shear connector widely.

There are two welding ways to connect shear connector/stud and steel plate, one is welding directly, which need the normal ceramic ferrule with multi-teeth(about 18 teeth or 21 teeth), the other is welding through metal deck, for this option, it is recommended to use special ceramic ferrule thru-deck type(8 teeth).

Producing flow of shear connector

Why Sino stone’s shear connector/shear stud popular by the customer?

  • We choose the quality mild carbon steel(SWRCH18A) from Xingtai Steel Factory.
  • We do phosphorization pretreatment for the raw material using drawing machine.
  • We purchase the multi-station cold forging machine from the biggest factory in Zhejiang Province to ensure the better mechanical property to match the standard(BS EN ISO13918:2008, AWS D1.1, etc.), or as per customer’s special requirement.
  • We use the automatic riveting machine to install aluminum ball on the end.
  • After rust prevention, Sino stone’s shear connector can suitable for long time ship on the sea.
  • Short delivery time because of our reasonable production flow management


Place of OriginalTianjin, China
Brand NameSino Stone
Raw MaterialMild Carbon Steel: SWRCH18A
ASTM A108 Grade 1010 to 1020
Surface TreatmentPlain &Black
StandardBS EN ISO13918:2008
ASW D1.1:2010
AS/NZS 1554.2:2003
JIS B 1198:2011
GB/T 10433:2002

Sino Stone choose the famous Xingtai Steel factory to purchase the optimal raw materials with good mechanical properties and weld performance, which can ensure the shear connectors’ mechanical properties to match client’s different steel constructions.

Raw Material(SWRCH18A)


Drawing of Shear Connector

Drawing of shear connector
Dimension of shear connectors (SD)
a Excess diameter or production impressions in the shaft area below the head are permitted up to 0.5mm, provided they do not affect proper plunge.
b Tolerance on l2 is +1/-2 mm.
c For special conditions, e.g. through-deck stud welding, the dimensions and the tolerances are not applicable.
d May be reduced to 29mm for shear application.
e Use of the optional dimension depends on national regulations.
Mechanical Properties between different standards
Standard nameTensile strength(ReH)Yield point(Rm)Elongation(A5)
BS EN ISO13918:2008≥450Mpa≥350Mpa≥15%
ASW D1.1:2010 Type B≥450Mpa≥350Mpa≥15% in 5x dia.
≥20% in 2 in.
AS/NZS 1554.2:2003≥410Mpa≥345Mpa≥12%
JIS B 1198:2011400~550Mpa≥235Mpa≥20% (in 2ch.)
GB/T 10433:2002≥400Mpa≥320Mpa≥14%
Sino Stone's shear connector can be produced as per your requirement.

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