Shear Stud Price

Shear stud price is a key for most guys when sourcing, but it should not be the only element. There are many issues to be considered, such as quality, delivery time, payment terms, order follow-up, exporting experience, after-sale service, etc.

Shear stud issues chart

Most guys often send an inquiry at the first time like so as follows:

Please provide the price for below-mentioned shear studs. Kindly mention stock position and delivery time.
1) Dia 25x100mm long – 25,000.00 no’s
2) Dia 19x100mm long – 20,000.00 No’s
Grade – A 108 Type B (Yield strength 350 MPA & Tensile strength 450 MPA)
Thank you and looking forward to your prompt response.

Lots of offers will be reached the purchaser’s email if it is you, how do you choose? The cheapest? The highest? Middle?

Shear Stud Price Structure

Firstly please see the price structure of shear stud:

Shear stud price

The price is determined by many factors, but the raw material is one of an important factor. Recently the price of raw material is very crazy in China, rising about 40% than the end of Oct. 2016. What’s the worst, nobody knows when the rising to suspend?

Mild steel price

We have ever introduced how to choose the suitable supplier of shear stud from China, if you are interested, please click the url:

Shear stud with chamfer

We, Sino Stone, focus on manufacturing and exporting shear stud and stud welding machine for 30 years, suggest the purchaser consider more issues besides price.

If anybody wants to know more information, please feel free to send email to us: [email protected]