Shear Studs Welding Machine Price

When you google “Shear studs welding machine price” in, it will show about 352,000 results (0.73 seconds) , there are four advertisements, please see them as follows:

Shear studs welding machine

From the advertisements, you can find two German companies(Taylor and Koco) and two USA ones(Advanced and Cutlass). You can’t find the famous brand from USA-Nelson, it shows that Nelson doesn’t focus on this similar keyword include price, so does Sino Stone. Price is important but quality should be much more crucial than price, what’s your opinion?

If you agree with Sino Stone, you’re in 20%. If you don’t, you’re not alone, because 80% guys focus on price than quality. The Pareto rule works everywhere.

Theoretically speaking, every guy wants to buy the cheaper goods if the quality is the same. Take the shear studs welding machine for example, if the quality of Nelson, Taylor, Koco, Advanced, Cutlass and Sino Stone are the same, you will buy the cheapest one. But in fact, there is an impossible issue. Nelson is the No. 1 brand in this field, their price must be highest, everyone knows it. And you can also find the very cheap machine in China or India if you focus on price only. Is there a good choice to find a supplier with good quality at a reasonable price?

The answer is sure, Sino Stone belongs to this group. We Sino Stone focus on shear studs welding machine for 30 years, with many patents about the machine in China. We exported machines more than 50 countries, almost all clients love our machines. Please find the testimonials as follows:

Sino Stone’s drawn arc stud welding machine SST-2500-5 is very strong, there was a big crash on the machine in our project site in 2o16, and we’re very worried about it, but surprisingly, it is still OK after the crash, please see the images as follows:

Big crash for SST-2500-5

Myron, Black Stud Limited

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