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5 Secrets You Must Know When Sourcing Shear Connector from China

Shear connectors are typically used in composite steel construction, and China is one of the main export countries of the shear connector, but there are 5 secrets you must know if you source shear connector from China.

What does the PDF talk about?

Being 30 years in the manufacturing and exporting shear connector in China, Sino Stone exported over 50 country customers. We know all secrets in this field and collect this PDF file to help customers to find right supplier of the shear connector. This PDF can help you:

  • Know 5 secrets of shear connector field in China;
  • Avoid to purchase low-quality shear connector;
  • Understand the impact of producing place on quality;
  • Communicating with your suppliers in Chinese people’s thinking method.

Yes, Sino Stone put all the internal information unreservedly sorted out. Really hope that our colleagues never find this page!

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5 secrets for shear connector


This PDF is really very useful! We found the suitable supplier and purchased quality shear connector from China using this PDF! Really thanks for Sino Stone’s PDF!

Eric - Purchasing Director, SWP UK

To be honest, it is a bad thing to purchase shear connector in China, I spent money to hire some guys to help me purchase until I received Sino Stone’s PDF!

Jaleesh - Purchasing Manager, Baseline UAE