Shear stud ceramic ferrule with chamfer

How to source shear stud from China?

Lots of customers inquired us to source shear stud China through emails. Some of them are the first time to source shear stud from China and they don’t know how to choose reliable suppliers, such as raw material, packaging, delivery, payment terms, shipping, etc. Parts of them choose lower price but the quality can’t match their requirement. And even the sample is OK but the bulk product is bad. Because there are too many bad suppliers give them very low price with low quality.

Good articles were not found when I searched how to source shear stud from China on Google, so I write this article. No matter you are purchasing shear stud from China online, or actually visit China in person, you will find this article very informative and useful.

Choosing suppliers is crucial during sourcing shear stud from China, since it concerns the quality and price of commodities. Raw material and producing machine(cold forging machine) are two most important elements for shear stud importers, so we divide them into following three types.

1.Raw material

There are three types of raw material in China, Q235, SWRCH15A(it is also called ML15), SWRCH18A(it is also called ML18), the difference of chemical composition to lead to the mechanical properties difference.

Q235 can produce shear stud matching GB10433.

Q235 raw material

SWRCH15A can produce shear stud matching ISO13918:2008 after some pretreatment.

Raw Material SWRCH15A

SWRCH18A can produce shear stud matching ISO13918:2008, AWS D1.1, AS/NZ1554, BS5400, etc.

Raw Material(SWRCH18A)

2.Factory of raw material

There are many steel factories to produce mild steel in China, such as Hebei Iron and Steel, Baosteel Group, Xingtai Steel, Jiangsu Shagang, Ansteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Shandong Iron and Steel Group, Maanshan Iron and Steel Company, Bohai Iron and Steel Group, Benxi Steel, Valin Steel Group, Jianlong Steel, Fangda Steel, Rizhao Steel, Anyang Steel, Taiyuan Iron and Steel, Baotou Steel, Hebei Jingye Iron and Steel, Jiuquan Steel, Handan Zongheng Iron and Steel, etc.

Xingtai Steel’s carbon steel is outstanding for producing shear stud.

Xingtai Steel-carbon steel-Sino Stone

3. Pre-treatment of Raw Material

The raw material need to pre-treatment before cold forging.  The scale need be removed by a process called phosphating and pickling. However, phosphating is forbidden by the government because of environment protection. So now the drawing wire machine including pickling function is popular by the factory.

Phosphating and pickling for raw material

4.Cold forging Process

There are too many factories in China to choose low-cost cold forging machine to produce shear stud without the chamfer.

Shear stud with chamfer
Jaggy End of shear stud

Normally the chamfer depends on the mold of cold forging machine. It can’t produce the shear stud with chamfer when using one die two blow cold forging machine, which is popular with most factory in Handan City of Hebei Province. You seldom find the 3 die 3 blow cold forging machine in the factory of Handan City to produce shear stud with chamfer, this is one season for interpret their low price.

3 die 3 blow Cold forging machine -Sino stone
3 die 3 blow cold forging machine
Cold forging machine

5. Cleaning Oil Process

There are two ways to clean oil after the shear stud by cold forging. One is by rotate the cylinder which is full of shear stud and wooden piece together. The other is using new cleaning oil machine.

Cleaning Oil machine for shear stud
Oil cleaning machine

6. Installing aluminum ball process

Most factories in China install aluminum ball by hand. However, Sino Stone factory using the automatic riveting machine to install it.

Automatic riveting machine
Installing ball by hand

Sino Stone still insist on producing high quality and moderate price to win the market. If you need source shear stud China, please do not hesitate to send email to us: [email protected].