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Welcome to Sino Stone Industrial Limited. This is our first post. Sino Stone focus on stud welding & stud welder for 30 years, which can provide for you according to ISO13918, AWS D1.1, AS/NZS1554.2, JIS B1198, BS5950, GB/T10433, etc. or designing and producing as per your drawing.

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  • Introducing some industry information of stud welding
  • Some tips for choosing suitable stud welding&stud welder
  • Checklist for sourcing stud welding&stud welder in China
  • Secret of industry your vendor don’t want you know
  • 2 tips for Thru-deck welding

2 tips for thru-deck welding

February 12th, 2019|0 Comments

TWO TIPS FOR THRU-DECK WELDING Thru-deck welding should be familiar with the steel deck industry. Normally the shear connectors (or shear studs) are welded by the drawn arc stud welding