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Symbols Abbreviated Terms ISO13918

here are 21 symbols and abbreviated terms in ISO13918:2008(E), today I’ll show you their meaning, hope it can help you understand the standards.

Some guys normally can’t understand the meaning of drawing of the shear stud because of the symbols and abbreviated terms in ISO13918, as a matter of fact, it is easy to remember. Now please see the following table.

Symbols and Abbreviated Terms
1blength of the thread
2Cddepth of the crack in the head
3d1nominal diameter
4d2diameter at the weld area
5d3diameter of the weld collar
6d4diameter of the tip
7d5head diameter of headed studs
8D6internal thread diameter
9D7nominal diameter of the ceramic ferrule
10d8grip diameter
11d9base diameter of the ceramic ferrule
12h1height of the frange
13h2height of the ceramic ferrule
14h3height of the head on headed stud
15h4height of the weld collar
16h5height of the unthreaded part of stud types PS and PT
17l1overall length of the stud(excluding aluminum ball or welding tip)
18l2nominal length of the stud
19l3length of the welding tip
20ylength of the unthreaded part
21αface angle
Drawing of shear connector
UF Ceramic ferrule dimension

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