January 2018

AWSD1.1 Type B for Shear Connector | Sino Stone

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AWSD1.1 Type B At the manufacturer’s option, mechanical properties of shear studs shall be determined by testing either the steel after cold finishing or the full diameter finished studs. In either case, the studs shall conform to the standard properties shown in the following table. AWSD1.1 Type A: Tensile Strength: 61,000psi(min) /

May 2017

Comparison of shear connector for main standards

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Comparison of shear connector for main standards Q1: How many standards for shear connector do you know? A: There are many standards for shear connectors: BS EN ISO13918:2008, ASW D1.1:2010, AS/NZS 1554.2:2003, JIS B 1198:2011, BS5400-6, BS5950, GB/T 10433:2002, etc. ISO13918, AWS D1.1, BS5950 are most popular by the customers.   Q2: What

September 2016

AWS D1.1 stud welding requirement

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AWS D1.1 stud welding requirement – Scope This article contains general requirements for welding of steel studs to steel, and stipulates specific requirements: (1) For workmanship, pre production testing, operator qualification, and application qualification testing when required, all to be performed by the Contractor (2) For fabrication/erection and verification inspection of stud welding during