February 2018

How to prevent magnetic arc blow

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Magnetic arc blow One of our Singapore clients gave us feedback about the welding problems when they used the Nelweld 6000 to weld our shear studs. "Your studs are OK, the ceramic ferrules are also OK, and we weld as per Nelweld's settings, why does this happen?" 

January 2018

AWSD1.1 Type B for Shear Connector | Sino Stone

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AWSD1.1 Type B At the manufacturer’s option, mechanical properties of shear studs shall be determined by testing either the steel after cold finishing or the full diameter finished studs. In either case, the studs shall conform to the standard properties shown in the following table. AWSD1.1 Type A: Tensile Strength: 61,000psi(min) /

December 2016

November 2016

How to Source Shear Connector Singapore?

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Source Shear Connector Singapore Source Shear Connector Singapore (officially the Republic of Singapore), also called Lion City, the Garden City, or the Red Dot, which is located in 1°17′N 103°50′E, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Globally,

October 2016

Nelson studs or other studs for your project?

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Nelson Stud Nelson stud is a company or one of shear stud? Most guys regard it is only a symbol of shear stud, today we want to know nelson stud. There are about 409,000,000 results (1.20 seconds) when you search “nelson” on Google. There are about 294,000,000 results (0.73 seconds) when you search

September 2016

How to test mechanical properties of shear stud?

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How to test mechanical properties of shear stud? Metals used in fastener(shear stud, bolt, etc) manufacture are elastic materials which will stretch (elongate) under applied loads and return to their original shape when the load is removed. However, if sufficient load is applied, the material will stretch beyond its yield point and enter a

AWS D1.1 stud welding requirement

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AWS D1.1 stud welding requirement – Scope This article contains general requirements for welding of steel studs to steel, and stipulates specific requirements: (1) For workmanship, pre production testing, operator qualification, and application qualification testing when required, all to be performed by the Contractor (2) For fabrication/erection and verification inspection of stud welding during

July 2016

Symbols and Abbreviated terms in ISO13918:2008

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Symbols Abbreviated Terms ISO13918 here are 21 symbols and abbreviated terms in ISO13918:2008(E), today I’ll show you their meaning, hope it can help you understand the standards. Some guys normally can’t understand the meaning of drawing of the shear stud because of the symbols and abbreviated terms in ISO13918,

May 2016

Stud welding & stud welder information center

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Welcome to Sino Stone Industrial Limited. This is our first post. Sino Stone focus on stud welding & stud welder for 30 years, which can provide for you according to ISO13918, AWS D1.1, AS/NZS1554.2, JIS B1198, BS5950, GB/T10433, etc. or designing and producing as per your drawing. What is our blog for?

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