drawn arc stud welder sst-3150-5

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Thyristor Drawn Arc Stud Welder

Thyristor drawn arc stud welder is a classical machine in Sino Stone, which was designed for high-speed welding stud or similar bolt on base plate, now it is the 5th generation product and it can work 24 hours continuously after specially designed main power source with compact size and light weight, it is more stable than inverter welder.

Thyristor welder is widely used in the steel construction building, bridge, boiler, shipbuilding, locomotive, smelting engineering, electric power build, chemical industry, oil field build, etc.

There are three types machine for different diameter of shear connector: SST-1600-5, SST-2500-5, SST-3150-5.

Technical Parameter of Thyristor Drawn Arc Stud Welder
Net WeightKGs245KGs342KGs370KGs
Input VoltageV/Hz3 phrase, 380(+/-10%)/240(+/-10%)
3 phrase, 380(+/-10%)/240(+/-10%)
3 phrase, 380(+/-10%)/240(+/-10%)
Max Instant Input PowerKVA144250346
Rated Input PowerKVA5595131
Welding Current RangeA200~1600A400~2500A600~3150A
Applicable Stud Diametermm8~16mm10~22mm13~25mm
Applicable Stud LengthmmLess than 400mmLess than 400mmLess than 400mm
Welding Productivity-16~2416~2416~24
Applied Patent-Invention patent GUN COOLING DEVICE
Specification of 3 phase 4 wires Power Cable1 wire(10mm²/pcs)+3 wires(16mm²/pcs)1 wire(16mm²/pcs)+3 wires(25mm²/pcs)1 wire(16mm²/pcs)+3 wires(35mm²/pcs)
Specification of Control Cable-4 wires* 1mm²/pc
Max. Length of Extended Welding Cablem50
Max. Length of Extended Earth Cablem10
Cooling Mode-Air cooling
Protection Class-IP23
Gas Shield-Opitional