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Size of UF Ceramic Ferrule: UF6~UF25

Main Raw Material: Cordierite

Original: Jiangsu, China

Delivery time: Around 15~20 days after receiving deposit


UF Ceramic Ferrule

UF ceramic ferrule  is designed for unthreaded stud and shear connector, there are two types of UF type, one is for normal welding with 20 teeth, another is for through deck(it is also called thru-deck) welding with 8 teeth. It is widely used for magnetic force floating railway engineer, building bridge, building railway, large power plant, plane depot that needs wide span.

Parameter of Ceramic Ferrule
1Main Chemical Ingredient2MgO, 2Al2O3, 5SiO2
2Bulk Density2.5gm/cc
3Max Using Temperature1000℃
4Water Absorption0.1%
6Bending Strength900Kgf/cm2(20℃)
7Compressive Strength3500Kgf/cm2(20℃)
8Coefficient of Thermal Expansion≤2.0(1*10-6/℃)
9Dielectric Constant6(1MHz 25℃)
10Dielectric Strength10 ac-KV/mm(ac V/mil)
11Volume Resistivity>1012 ohm-cm(20℃)
12ColorWhite, light yellow, etc


UF ceramic ferrule for normal welding
UF ceramic ferrule for thru-deck welding
UF Ceramic ferrule dimension<