weld studs

Weld Studs

Weld Studs, also known as “drawn arc welding stud”, are usually joined with another piece of metal together by heating both parts with an arc. The welding studs are usually joined to a flat plate by using the stud as one of the electrodes. The polarity used in stud welding depends on the type of metal being used. Welding aluminum, for example, would usually require direct-current electrode positive (DCEP). Welding steel would require direct-current electrode negative (DCEN).(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stud_welding)

Normally there are two types raw material to produce weld studs, one is mild carbon steel, Q235 or Q345 in China, the other is stainless steel, SS304 or SS316 in China.

For stainless steel welding studs, they include two types: with magnetic and without magnetic, please see the following video:

Sino Stone provides high-performance weld studs for nearly all kinds of steel construction. It can reduce costs through labor and material savings.

The packaging is corrugated paper carton with pallet, 25kgs/carton, 48 cartons/pallet.

Sino Stone choose the famous Xingtai Steel factory to purchase the optimal raw materials with good mechanical properties and weld performance, which can ensure the threaded stud’s mechanical properties to match client’s requirement.in different steel constructions.We choose the quality mild carbon steel(Q235 or Q345)/stainless steel(SS304).

We do phosphorization pretreatment for the raw material using drawing machine.

We purchase the multi-station cold forging machine from the biggest factory in Zhejiang Province to ensure the better mechanical property of weld studs to match the standard(BS EN ISO13918:2008, AWS D1.1, etc.), or as per customer’s special requirement.

We use the automatic riveting machine to install aluminum ball on the end of stud.

After rust prevention, Sino stone’s weld studs can be suitable for long time ship on the sea.

Short delivery time because of our reasonable production flow management.

All weld studs are produced strictly in accordance with ISO13918:2008, which can protect the quality.

If you want to purchase them, please send email to us: [email protected]